Node for Sales

Build pipeline, streamline operations, and hire top talent to accelerate revenue growth.

Simplify prospect discovery, research, and engagement

  • Build target prospect lists from Node’s database of 1B+ people and companies
  • “Clone” your ideal customers and use Node AI to surface similar people and companies that other solutions miss
  • Leverage Node insights to connect across email, phone, and social media

Prioritize and intelligently route prospects in real-time

  • Enrich leads, accounts, and contacts using Node’s intelligent matching algorithm
  • Utilize flexible, AI-powered prioritization with NodeRank, Node’s proprietary ranking model
  • Leverage Node contextual insights to route prospects to the reps most likely to close

Build and manage data-driven territories

  • Determine the total opportunity in each potential territory using NodeRank
  • Use contextual insights to determine which reps are most likely to succeed in each territory
  • Identify prospects with the highest buying potential from within each territory

Optimize talent management, workflows, and data hygiene

  • Enable real-time enrichment and de-duplication using Node’s database of people and companies
  • Integrate Node into existing workflows using Node’s native Salesforce integration and CSV import/export
  • Find and recruit your next key hires using Node’s database of top marketing talent

Use Node. Get Results.

Periscope Data: Making the Move from Inbound to Outbound

Periscope Data used Node to build from scratch a predictable outbound sales model that drove 200% pipeline growth in the first 12 months

You’re a demo away from accelerating your revenue