Node for Marketing

Get intelligence to identify the leads most likely to convert, determine the accounts that will contribute to your marketing pipeline, and conduct game-changing campaigns.

Identify the leads that will convert into pipeline

  • Enrich Salesforce lead and account records with Node firmographics and technographics, automatically updated in real-time or on-demand.
  • Prioritize and score leads with Node AI to find the ones that will convert at up to a 5X higher rate.

Build your ABM target account list

  • Use Node to find accounts with the highest revenue potential and identify their key stakeholders in order to drive marketing and sales alignment that results in 52% more pipeline creation.

Generate demand with Node-powered digital campaigns

  • Leverage Node lead and account recommendations and contact data to power both 1:1 and persona-based demand generation campaigns.

Use Node. Get Results.

NodeRank: Helping Marketers Find More Customers

Cutting-edge AI enables NodeRank to amplify the signals of your best customers and find more like them. The result is a significant improvement in prospect-to-customer conversion rates — 81% higher than average.

You’re a demo away from accelerating your revenue