Node for Marketing

Map your total addressable market and power personalized multi-channel campaigns to accelerate demand and increase conversion.

Identify and map your total addressable market

  • Segment, map, and measure your total and service addressable markets
  • Build your list of target accounts from Node’s database of 1B+ people and companies

Build contextual and data-driven prioritization models

  • Create flexible lead prioritization using NodeRank, Node’s proprietary ranking model
  • Develop ideal customer profiles across verticals, product lines, and market segments
  • “Clone” your ideal buyers and use Node AI to surface similar people and companies from within your TAM that other solutions miss

Run personalized multi-channel and ABM campaigns at scale

  • Leverage Node insights to find your audience and build target account and lead lists
  • Utilize Node intelligence to engage with your audience across digital and offline channels, and in tandem with sales for effective account-based outreach
  • Run targeted campaigns using Node personalized insights to connect 1:1 with your audience

Optimize talent management, workflows, and data hygiene

  • Enable real-time enrichment and de-duplication using Node’s database of people and companies
  • Integrate Node into existing workflows using Node’s native Salesforce integration and CSV import/export
  • Find and recruit your next key hires using Node’s database of top marketing talent

Use Node. Get Results.

BlueJeans: Building For Growth

BlueJeans Network used Node to create data-driven TAM segmentation and territory models that cut annual planning time by 50% and identified 4.7x higher deal sizes.

You’re a demo away from accelerating your revenue