Your customers and employees are your business. We help you keep them.

Node's AIR platform identifies the early warning signs of at-risk prospects, dissatisfied customers, and unhappy employees, so you can take action—before they do.
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AI-powered Retention for Customers

Your business’ success depends on acquiring and retaining top customers. But how do you know who’s at-risk at each stage of the customer lifecycle, and can you identify them in time to do something about it?

AIR for Customers proactively identifies at-risk prospects and customers, enabling your business to develop and execute effective sales and customer retention strategies that drive long-term revenue growth.


Maintain revenue growth

80% of future revenue comes from existing customers. It’s time you know which customers are about to leave—before they go.


Improve pipeline quality

Reduce churn before a customer is signed by making sure they’re the right customer for your business.


Lower costs

Customer churn will crush your bottom line. All-in costs of a churned customer—sales, marketing, support —average 200% of revenue lost.

AI-powered Retention for Employees

If you hire top talent, there’s always someone else looking to hire them away. When it comes to employee attrition, early detection is key to retention, but by the time you sense something is amiss, it’s often too late.

AIR for Employees identifies subtle signals that indicate when employees are looking to leave, so you can take steps to address their concerns before they’re out the door.


Lower hiring costs

Decrease costs by retaining more of the employees you worked so hard to recruit, hire, train, and support.


Secure your IP

When employees leave, knowledge (and sometimes clients) leave with them. Node enables you to minimize knowledge and revenue losses.


Improve team morale

Losing your best employees has a ripple effect that impacts team morale. Know when an employee is likely to leave—before everyone else does.

The AIR Advantage



AIR aggregates and normalizes your unstructured data—saving you from countless hours of data cleanup.



AIR develops predictive models using data from multiple sources, including Node's proprietary database and the platforms you use today (e.g., CRM).



AIR recommendations are delivered via a Node AIR Index Report, or you can leverage Node's API to plug directly into your systems of record.

Get Results

Node’s AIR solutions identify signals of at-risk prospects, customers, and employees
with up to 80% greater accuracy than heuristics-based approaches.

Building a customer or employee engagement product?
Power it with Node.

Node’s proprietary Artificial Intuition technology enables product development teams to create and deploy
AI-powered predictive feature sets for customer-facing applications, all via a standard API that can be set up in minutes.

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