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Node is the first AI-as-a-service solution designed for platforms that leverage people and company data. Applications powered by Node can deliver predictions that enable users to make smarter decisions about how to engage with customers, employees, investors, and partners.

Your turnkey
AI Solution

Node is the first automated machine learning solution designed for platforms that leverage people and company data. Powered by Artificial Intuition™ technology, Node enables product development teams to create and deploy AI-powered predictive feature sets for both customer-facing and internal use applications, all via a standard API that can be set up in minutes.

Sales and Marketing Automation
Real-time account and contact enrichment
Top prospect recommendations
Data-driven TAM analysis and territory development
Lead conversion and win rate predictions for precision forecasting
Personalized, per-rep lead routing
Customer Engagement
Campaign selection and engagement optimization
Self-guided “autopilot” dialer
Audience insights and outlier identification
Customer health and churn/renewal predictions
Event Management
New attendee recommendations
Personalized content and session recommendations
Attendee networking matchmaking
Applicant Tracking
Top employee insights and new candidate recommendations
“At-risk” and “high-performer” employee identification
And Many More!

How Node AutoML works

  • Dataset of People and/or Companies
    that represent the outcome you care about

    Dataset of People and/or Companies<br> that represent the outcome you care about
  • Node Auto ML

    Node Auto ML
  • Generate predictions with
    a REST API

    Generate predictions with <br>a REST API
  • Training<br>data enriched

    data enriched

  • Optimal model selected<br> based on use case

    Optimal model selected
    based on use case

  • Train and<br>deploy model

    Train and
    deploy model

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Node is leading the AI revolution with 1-in-a-million AI leadership


Falon Fatemi


  • Google’s youngest employee at age 19
  • Spent over a decade focused on go-to-market strategy, global expansion, and building strategic partnerships at Google YouTube and the startup world.
  • Writes a column in Forbes on company building in Silicon valley, Artificial Intelligence, and the future of work
  • Deemed 2018 Fast Company Top 100 Creative People in Business and “The Rainmaker” as one of the top 50 women on Marie Claire’s 2017 New Guard list comprised of “female visionairies changing the world we live in.”

Louis Monier, PhD

Node Chief Scientist - Godfather of Search

Formerly Head of the AI Labs at AirBnB and currently serves on the board of CrowdFlower. With over 30 search, NLP and data related patents to his name, Monier is widely recognized for his integral role in building the original search engine, AltaVista, a research project started by Monier in 1995 that grew into the biggest, fastest and most used search engine on the web.

Michael Radovancevich

Chief Product Officer - Former CTO Taleo and OpenX

Michael was the former CTO of Taleo, the market leader in HCM/ATS who under his leadership was managing 15% of all hires in the US. It was acquired by Oracle for $1.9B. Most recently he was also CTO and acting CPO of ad-tech company OpenX managing a global organization of over 200.

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