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Node combines a massive database with powerful AI to help you find the people and companies that will transform your business.

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What is Node

Node combines a massive database of people and companies with cutting-edge deep learning technology—dubbed Artificial Intuition™—to help identify which leads are most likely to convert and which companies are most likely to evolve into high-paying customers. Node also provides intelligent recommendations and a comprehensive source of data that your company can leverage within your own internal and customer-facing applications.

Massive Database
Access firmographics, professional and educational profiles, and contact information for 1 billion companies and individuals worldwide.
NodeRank Prioritization
Leverage Node’s AI-powered recommendations to identify the people and companies most relevant to you and your business.
Flexible Access
Get access to Node data and recommendations via our admin UI, native Salesforce integration, and Rest APIs.

Node is built for:

Marketing teams
Marketing teams looking to identify the leads that will convert and contribute most to pipeline growth.
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Sales teams
Sales teams in search of decision-makers at the accounts that will become their best customers.
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Product teams
Product development teams that want people and company intelligence embedded within their own applications.
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How It Works

Step 1
We discuss your business objective and how you’d like to achieve it, e.g. increase pipeline growth by improving top of funnel lead conversion.
Step 2
You provide recent examples of people and companies that align with your objective, e.g. leads that contribute the largest share of pipeline.
Step 3
Our technology matches your examples to corresponding records in our database to determine which implicit and explicit factors drive success.
Step 4
Node identifies the people and companies that will drive the best outcomes for your objective, and delivers the relevant recommendations and contact data to your team.

Use Node. Get Results.

Node delivers.

higher lead conversion rate.
increase in revenue velocity.
less time spent on overhead.
8 Weeks
time to ROI.

Options for every team and budget

Whether you’re a new VP at a fast-growing startup or an experienced revenue leader at a Fortune 500 company, Node offers a variety of solutions and licensing options to meet your needs.

But don't take our word for it.

Listen to Mark Cuban paint the picture of a discovery-driven world powered by Node.

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