Node knows your 
next market of opportunity

Node understands the vision for the business you want to become and delivers a roadmap to get you there

What makes Node different?

The most comprehensive data set with over a half a billion profiles of people and companies
AI-based validation engine to deliver the highest data accuracy on the market
Native integration into existing marketing and sales workflows and technologies
Prescriptive recommendations based on measurable ROI, historical data not required
Real-time updates of hundreds of millions of data points delivered directly to end users

ROI is in our DNA

Node delivers ROI in as little as 8 weeks

Increase in pipeline generation
Revenue from Node recommendations
Time saved on potential buyers

How It Works

It's not magic...but it's a very technically challenging effort to reorganize the web so that it's relevant to the people and companies who use it. We can do it because we have worked at Google, YouTube, Facebook, Microsoft, LinkedIn and know how to use search methodologies and technologies like AI, machine learning, NLP, and data crawling.

Who We Serve

We work with marketing and sales leaders at companies with the following characteristics:

Strategic operators looking for an edge on their competition
Executive decision-makers trying to plan for the future
Forward-thinkers looking to identify new markets
Fast-growing companies with massive market opportunities

Some of the companies that use Node

Our Story

Our founder, Falon Fatemi - the youngest Google employee - realized that the web was full of hidden (missed) opportunities. She set out to fix this critical problem by surfacing previously undiscovered links between businesses and people that could be used to connect them in new and profound ways.
She started Node to create a world where connections are made differently. Node is solving this by indexing the web with a focus on people and organizations as the critical 'nodes' and using AI to signal match the links between buyer and seller, investor and investee, employer and employee and countless other connections.
Today, Node provides strategic insight, tactical guidance and cutting edge technology to help anyone find the right person at the right business at the right time with the right message...leading to your next life changing opportunity.

Vision + Values

Our vision is a world where you will know exponentially more about the people you should know. It will go beyond leads, accounts, connections and opportunities. It is accelerated by AI. It will connect people with opportunity at massive scale.
We believe this will fundamentally change the definition of success and create a world with more realized opportunities and accelerated serendipity. We will transition the web from a place we endlessly search to a place we rely upon for great discoveries.
Leave your ego
at the door
Operate with
self awareness
Challenge yourself
and grow
Think like a hacker,
ship like a pro
Communicate with
transparency and discretion
Take ownership and
celebrate excellence
Build and invest in
meaningful relationships

About Us

We are a tech company that is after an elusive promise filled with massive potential: people-based intelligence that creates opportunities at scale, for individuals and businesses. We believe that the winners of the future will know more than their competition about the people they do business with. Node’s proprietary artificial intelligence technology revolutionizes the online discovery process by mining the links between people and companies on the web. Sifting through these connections, Node identifies the total market opportunity for leading companies, and proactively delivers the personalized insights and tactical guidance that lead to bigger, better deals.
To date, Node has optimized $4 billion revenue across thousands of sales and marketing leaders, has generated over $103M in customer revenue, and delivers return on investment in as little as eight weeks. Node was founded by Google’s youngest former employee and has over $16.3M in backing from Mark Cuban, NEA, Avalon Ventures, and Canaan Partners to make the vision of connecting people with opportunity at massive scale a reality.

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